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Thesis writing can be very demanding. They involve a careful presentation of ideas, attention to conventional structure and proper citation. These papers should be convincing and ultimately persuade your reader to your views. So how does one go about this?

Going straight to the point not only saves you time but presents the main argument. In addition to this, a proper thesis displays your position. Any reader should not belabor the central message of your paper. Most of your thesis is focused on affirming this view or contradicting. A thesis statement, therefore, is the cornerstone of your paper since it covers your central idea.

Ensuring your thesis is concise and straight to the point makes it an easy read. Brevity reduces the risk of repetition of points or ideas. To accomplish this, concepts are explained in a few words as possible.

Adhering to the accepted thesis structure plays a crucial role in your paper. Theses are not an exemption. A traditional argument has a title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, and references as critical components. These sub-sections assist in presenting your ideas and consist of the content of your thesis.

There are additional components to theses structures that serve to help navigate through your ideas. Table of contents, list of figures, list of tables and appendices assist in understanding the arguments presented. Figures, tables, and appendices help in getting more delicate details of an idea without interrupting the flow of the ideas in the body of the work.

When writing your thesis paper, there is a lot of secondary information that you will rely on. Considering a literature review relies heavily on works of other authors, there is the need to cite their works and credit given. To this end referencing your work is crucial. Worthy of note is each professor prefers different citation styles ranging from APA, MLA, OSCOLA, Chicago or Harvard. Each citation style usually varies on the Author, year (APA) or Author page number (Harvard). Other referencing styles like OSCOLA employ the use of superscripts and footnotes to cite work. Depending on your professor’s demand, poor citation of works by using the wrong style may impact your scores. In academia failing to credit a source amounts to intellectual dishonesty whether intentional or mistaken. Theses are not exempt from this rule. Therefore, your heavy work when writing would be citing sources accurately.

The bottom line is, a proper thesis is well researched and presented. Part of the research involves coming up with an appropriate question of the problem and following it with well-articulated and submitted ideas. It is also important to demonstrate knowledge of the topic by writing an in-depth literature review and cite accurately previous works of other authors.

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